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Sharing Our Experiences in Bettering the World

57th Street Meeting has had throughout its existence energetic people whose spiritually-based efforts have impacted the lives of others in private and in public ways.  Whether or not these Friends considered themselves activists, they have together had a profound effect on the social environment.  Building upon this base, the 1st First Day Program on Sunday, August 3 after fellowship dinner will be a time to sharing with each other what current attenders of the Meeting have done, how they did it, what they are doing now and what still want to do.  This program is being coordinated by the Peace & Social Concerns Committee.  Attenders have experience with different resources that may help others: how to put up a blog, how to use twitter; how to organize an online fund drive; how to use social media like Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, Facebook, and Meetup; how to set up your own charitable corporation; how to organize a flash dance; how to engage neighborhood faith communities and political groups; and how to participate in projects like food pantries, soup kitchens, and community gardens. Please come and share what you have to offer and listen to what other have to offer.


Summer Adult Religious Education Programs

Summer RE program will consist of a variety of readings.  There will be a two session series that will explore hat honor and Quaker practice.  This discussion will be base on “Hat Honour, self-identity and commitment in early Quakerism,” which is an article from a recent issue of Quaker History  written by Sussan Wareham Watkins. The summer will end with an extended discussion on the topic of “that of God in everyone.  This discussion will be base on  “‘That of God in Every Man’-- What Did George Fox Mean by It?” which is an article from Quaker Religious Thought written by Lewis Benson.

8/3    Hat Honor: History
8/10    Hat Honor: Contemporary Concerns

“That of God in Every Man’-- What Did George Fox Mean by It?”

8/17     Theological Anthropology
8/24     Fox on “that of God in every man”
8/31     Fellowship Breakfast
9/7       Answering and Reaching that of God
9/14     Results of Answering that of God
9/21     That of God in contemporary Quaker usage
9/28     That of God in contemporary peace
                  and social  testimonies


Children's Religious Education

Chldren's Religious Education programs are on break until Septmeber.  During this time, childcare will be provided during meeting for worship.



Spring 2014 Among Friends

The Spring 2014 issue of ILYM's Among Friends is now available online.  This issue includes Reflections on a Lifetime of Pastoral Counseling, Listening Towards a Spirit of Inclusion, ILYM Programming Committee Update, and much more.  The deadline for items for the Fall 2014 issue will be Aug. 28, 2014.  Print versions are in production and will soon be mailed out.


July Western Work

The July issue of WYM newsletter is available (641K PDF). In additon to information about yearly meeting and monthly meeting events.

Quaker Community Building Experiences in Cuba

November Visit: Visit among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba for a week in November and celebrate the founding of Cuba Yearly Meeting. This week with Cuba Yearly Meeting will provide an opportunity to be immersed in the rhythm and hum of Quaker worship in the sanctuary and on the street. The WORK of this group will be to gather with both the FUM team members and the FUM Cuban Quakers and build community. Some stamina is required for travel and likely some longer walks, as well as multiple meetings each day.  Dates: November 10 - 19, 2014; Cost: $1760; Participant Limit: 10 team members; Deadline: August 20, 2014. Registration Link

January/February Work Team trip: Visit and work among Friends Meetings in eastern Cuba, particularly in Holguin and Gibara at sites where Cuban Friends meet for camp, yearly meeting sessions and pastoral training. Some stamina is required for unskilled construction tasks, travel, longer walks and multiple church gatherings.
Dates: Last week of January through first week of February 2015 (exact dates determined on flight schedule from Miami to Holguin that is not yet set); Cost: $2100; Participant Limit: 10 team members
Deadline: September 30, 2014. Registration Link

Cost for both trips includes: Round trip flight from Miami to Holguin, Cuba; Hotel stay in Miami on either side of the trip; All meals, transportation and lodging in Cuba; Needed supplies for work Visas and licenses. Note: costs will need to be adjusted if fares change significantly.

Cost for both trips does not include: Meals in Miami on either side of the trip (team dines together); Baggage fees (estimated at $100); Souvenirs; Flights to Miami and home; Incidentals (ie. offering, snacks, etc.).  In addition, most work team participants carry items needed by Cuba Yearly Meeting

To register, click on the link provided in the appropriate trip. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration as well as a copy of your passport. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terri Johns at Friends United Meeting.

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