Program Details


First Day School Program

Sundays, concurrent with Meeting for Worship (Sept-June)

Chldren's Religious Education programs are on break until Septmeber.  During this time, childcare will be provided during meeting for worship.



1st First Day Program

First Sunday of the month after potluck dinner

September 7: Sharing of the experiences of Quaker gatherings that individuals attended over the summer.

October 5: TBA




Adult Religious Education Program

Sundays, 9:15-10:15  a.m.


What did George Fox Mean by "That of God in Everyone"?

Summer RE program will consist of a variety of readings.  There will be a two session series that will explore hat honor and Quaker practice.  This discussion will be base on “Hat Honour, self-identity and commitment in early Quakerism,” which is an article from a recent issue of Quaker History  written by Sussan Wareham Watkins. The summer will end with an extended discussion on the topic of “that of God in everyone.  This discussion will be base on  “‘That of God in Every Man’-- What Did George Fox Mean by It?” which is an article from Quaker Religious Thought written by Lewis Benson.

8/17     Theological Anthropology
8/24     Fox on “that of God in every man”
8/31     Fellowship Breakfast
9/7       Answering and Reaching that of God
9/14     Results of Answering that of God
9/21     That of God in contemporary Quaker usage
9/28     That of God in contemporary peace
                  and social  testimonies



Spiritual Seekers Information and Discussion Program

Fifth Sundays, 12:30 to 3:30 pm.:  August 31, November 30

People come to Friends meetings for various reasons, many visit as part of a personal spiritual journey of seeking out a religious tradition that speaks to their condition.  The Spiritual Seekers Information and Discussion Program is a way to find out more about Quaker faith and practice as well as an opportunity to explore how Quaker faith and practice relates to your own personal spiritual journey.  Childcare is available as requested.